Recently Completed Projects

Samuel Mcantire Mantel

Samuel Mcantire was an 18th century master carver and joiner in Salem, Massachusetts. We came across a number of refereances to him in reaserching a mantel design for a client. After reviewing photos of his work and sharing them with the client it was decided to copy some of his detailing, as well as the general style for the new build.

Iron Balusters

A nice style upgrade from an overpowering wooden stair case to a more modern lighter feeling metal and wood stair case.

Timber Frame Carriage Barn

This project came as a kit and was erected on site with some modifications. The copper hood over the man door and the stone thresholds were added as design/build components, as well as some modifications to the stair package, landing, and newel posts.

1930's Whole House Renovation (In Progress)

This project is a complete renovation. All the original finishes, partition walls, the stair case, and mechanicals were removed. New windows, including a bay, all mechanicals, insulation, and finishes. Currently the exterior is underway.

Post Modern Garage

The brief for this project was to construct a garage to match the Post Modern style of the house. The client wanted the two to look as if they has been built at the same time. A challenging site due the sheer volume of rock present during the excavation. We were able to take the sketchup concept drawings and engineer the building from there.

William Pain Mantel

This mantel build was based on the early 18th century housewright/ designer William Pain's books.

18th Century Door Buck Restoration

Repair and replace parts of this door buck as well as adding a new door and strap hinges.

Classical Portico

A classically inspired portico addition. A complete design/ build project. Almost every component was fabricated.

Bell Roof Building

This project is an exact copy of a Colonial Williamsburg building. A limited set of drawings and old photos from its restoration was used to figure out the shape and scale of this project.


A design/build project with a mixture of stock moldings and fabricated components. 

PVC Window Sills

Design/ build a solution to match existing sills with a material that would be durable outside.